ill live 4evr

songz on repeat:

this is my button darling use it if u wanna hehe, i'm prolly gonna make sm more of these. if/when i do feel free to use those too! this one was made Tuesday 28/07/20:

welcum 2 my page !!

hiyaaaa! im Joanna and this is my page ! this is my first time using html code, and i think i did a pretty good job hehe.

i love art, my biggest art endeavour is to make my life a true masterpiece ‹3 which is my biggest work in progress to date lol. im currently wokring on an page art which is but for now u can check me out on my art instagram @babygirlpalette

this is my face, be warned its stunning...

some fun facts about me:

home is wherever forever